Biology MCQs Part 8

biology mcqs for all test preparation
71. Who first discovered plasmodium growing and multiplying in the blood of man.?
A. T.H .Morgan.
B. Ronald Ross.
C. A.F.A.King.
D. Grass.

72. Anopheles mosquito carries Plasmodium which causes malaria in.?
A. Humans.
B. Animals.
C. Sparrows.
D. All of the above.

73. Plasodium is a.?
A. Symbiont.
B. Parasite.
C. Saprophyte.
D. All of the above.

74. During the severe attack, the temperature of a malarial victim may rise up to.?
A. 97%F.
B. 98%F.
C. 100%F.
D. 106%F.

75. During the malarial attack the rate of heart beat and breathing may.?
A. Decrease.
B. Increase.
C. Remains constant.
D. All of the above.

76. The life cycle of malarial parasite was first of all studied by Grassi in.?
A. 1800.
B. 1808.
C. 1878
D. 1883.

77. In 1808 the life of cycle of malarial parasite was first of all studied by.?
A. Grassi.
B. A.F.A.King.
C. Ronald Ross.
D. Laveran.

78. Who studied the life cycle of Plasmodium in female mosquito to discover relationship betweenman,mosquito and Plasmodium.?
A. Ronald Ross.
B. Laveran.
C. A.F.A.King.
D. Grassi.

79. The infected carrier female Anopheles injects malarial parasite in the form of.?
A. Sporozoites.
B. Parasites.
C. Merozoites.
D. Saprophytes.

80. The sporozoites (A form of Plasmodium ,A cause of Malarial) enter the liver through the.?
A. Blood.
B. Lymph.
C. Oesophagus.
D. Small Intestine.