Chemistry MCQs Part 8

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71. Colligative properties mainly depend upon molecular.?
A. Number
B. Structure
C. Individual
D. Collective

72. Arrangement of fundamental particulars in an atom determines its properties.?
A. Chemical
C. Chemical and physical
D. General

73. Atomic theory was particulate by.?
A. Dalton
B. Newton
C. Bohr
D. Thompson

74. The properties which are sum of corresponding properties of individual components are called.?
A. Comparative
B. Constitutive
C. Colligative
D. Additive

75. Many physical properties of liquids and solids depends upon fores like.?
A. Intramolecular
B. Electrostatic
C. Electrovalent
D. Intermolecular

76. The forces that exist between individual particles of substance are relatively.?
A. Strong
B. Weak
C. Minor
D. Very strong

77. The diffusion of liquids is slow but it takes place at rate.?
A. Unmeasurable
B. Steady
C. Measurable
D. Prolonged

 78. The properties of liquid that depend mainly on the number of molecules and not on their nature are.?
A. Comparative
B. Constitutive
C. Colligative
D. Additive

79. The ink and water diffuse in each other to form a solution.?
A. Dilute
B. Concentrated
C. Light
D. Uniform

80. Physicalproperties of liquids can be predicted for a known.?
A. Density
B. Structure
C. Size
D. Volume