Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Simple Easy Summary for 9th Class

Stopping by woods summary
Summary Class 9th

This beautiful poem has been written by Robert Frost. In this poem the poet presents a beautiful picture of nature. This poem is a story of horse rider who stops by woods in a snowy evening. The horse rider knows the owner of the forest who lives in a nearly village. There was complete silence in the woods. He likes the beauty of nature and sound of easy wind and downy flake. The poet stopped there for some time to enjoy the beautiful scene of the woods. His horse found it strange to stop there without a farmhouse. He shooks his harness bells to attract the attention of his master. However, the poet was in a hurry. He had promised someone to return before the sleeping time. He did not stop there for long. He had to go miles away before returning evening.

In short, the poem trumpets the beauty of nature and hints at the need to carry on the daily affairs of life. The world of fantasy is very inviting. But one must maintain balance between the world of fantasy and reality. ( Daffodils Summary)