The World Famous Records

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  • First Chairman Of Peoples Republic Of China.

  • First Country Who Adopted Written Constitution.

  • First President Of The Chinese Republic.
Dr. Sun Yat Sen

  • First President Of U.S.A.
George Washington

  • First Chinese Traveler To India.

  • First Person To Read South Pole.

  • First Person To Reach North Pole.
Robert Peavey

  • First Person In Space.
Uri Gagarin

  • First Person On Moon.
Neil Armstrong

  • First Lady To Climb Mount Everest.
Junko Taipei

  • First European To Visit China.
Marco Polo

  • First Place Where Atom Bomb As Dropped.

  • First Man To Walk In Space.
Alexei Lenovo

  • First Woman Cosmonaut In Space.
Valentine Tereshkova

Mrs. Srimavo Bhandarnaike

  • First Woman President Of A Country.
Maria Estela Peron

  • First Woman To Command A Space Mission.
Colonel Eileen Collins ( USA )

  • First President Of Pakistan
Skinder Mirza

  • First Blind Man To Scale Mt. Everest
Erik Weihenmayer (USA)

  • First Muslim Woman Secretary General Of Amnesty International.
Irine Zubeida Khan

  • First Space Astronaut To Go Into Space Seven Times Till Date.
Jerry Ross (USA)

  • First South Afraican To Become The Second Space.
Mark Shuttleworh

Ms. Chang Sang

  • First Youngest Grandmaster Of The World In Chess.
Sergey Karjakin ( Ukraine )

  • First Adventurer Fluing Successfully Across The English Channel Without Aircraft.
Felix Baumgartner ( July 2003 )

  • First China’s Man In Space
Yang Lwei

Shirin Ebadi ( Nobel Peace Prize 2003 )

  • First Woman Of The World To Climb Mt. Everest Four Times
Lakpa Sherpa ( Nepal )

  • First Woman Of The World To Seim Across Five Count Intents.
Bula Chaudhury ( India , April 2005 )

  • First Woman Athlete To Touch 5.0 Meter Mark In Pole Vault.
Ms. Yelena Isinbayeav (Russia )

  • First Hindu Chief Justice Of Pakistan Supreme Court.
Justice Ran Bhagwan Das

  • First Duly Elected Woman President Of An African Country.
Allen Johnson Sir Leaf ( Liberia )

  • First Woman Governor Of The State Bank Of Pakistan.
Shamshad Akhter

  • First Woman Chancellor Of Germany
Angela Merkel

  • First Woman President Of Chile
Dr. Michelle Bracelet

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