SPSC English Past Papers

(1) Breach
a. Secret b. Reinforcement c. Difficulty d. Opening

(2) Gelid

a. Hot b. Soft c. Icy cold d. Hard

(3) Opulent

a. Corrupt b. Poor c. Proud d. Luxuriant

(4) Verisimilitude

a. Large number b. Variety c. Shades of colurs d. Being true

(5) Iota

a. Agreement b. Coin c. Column d. Small amount

Q1(b) - Antonyms

(6) Despise

a. Abhor b. Disdain c. Demolish d. Admire

(7) Lackey

a. Strange b. Poor c. Master d. Ignorant

(8) Egress

a. Decline b. Entrance c. Rude d. Angry

(9) Amalgamate

a. Punish b. Study c. Separate d. Reduce

(10) Insipid

a. Silly b. Tasty c. Active d. Thin

Q1(c) Complete the sentences

(11) Knowledge is like a deep well fed by _________ springs, and your mind is a little bucket that you drop in it.

a. External b. Perennial c. Immortal d. Lovely

(12) The unruly behaviour of children _________ their parents

a. Aggrieved b. Impeached c. Incensed d. Tempered

(13) He suggests that the meeting _______ postponed

a. Is b. Be c. Must d. Would be

(14) The landscape was truly_____, so arid that even the Hardest Plant could not survive

a. Lurid b. Parched c. Verdant d. Variegated

(15) His statement was so________ that everyone was left in doubt

a. Equitable b. Innocuous c. Dogmatic d. Equivocal

(16) I certainly do not______ your driving your car over the speed limit

a. Approve in b. Approve with c. Approve of d. Approve for

(17) The Eagle swooped and ______ a sleeping lizard

a. Carried down b. Carried up c. Carried off d. Carried in

(18) A young officer was _______ the task of taking prisoners to the rear

a. Charged by b. Charged in c. Charged for d. Charged with

(19) It seemed he was going to _____ him but he controlled himself

a. Lash out at *b. Lash out in *c. Lash out to *d. Lash out on

(20) I am not going to _____ this book at any cost

a. Part from b. Part up c. Part for d. Part with