General Knowledge MCQs Part 29

general knowledge mcqs
281)      “Valetta” is the capital of:
A)   Finland
B)   Malta
C)   Senegal
D)   Congo

282)      The ‘United Arab Emirates’ (U.A.E) Comprises of:
A)   Abu Dhabi
B)   Sharjah
C)   Fujairah
D)   All the above

283)      Which of the following ‘Desert’ is the largest in area?
A)   The Sahara
B)   Gobi
C)   Takla Makan
D)   Thar

284)      The famous “ Dost-i-Lut” desert is located in :
A)   Iran
B)   China
C)   South Africa
D)   Egypt

285)      “Nanga Parbat” is the famous mountain Peak of:
A)   Karakoram range
B)   Himalayas range
C)   HinduKush range
D)   Sulaiman range

286)      “Ibn-Saud” is an official residence of:
A)   King of Saudi Arabia
B)   Amir-Kuwait
C)   Iranian President
D)   None of the above

287)      Why ‘Black Sea’ is so called:
A)   A large number of black rocks in the water
B)   The dense fog that prevails there in winter
C)   The water of the sea is black
D)   None of the above

288)      Which of the following Country is a ‘Peninsula?
A)   Brazil
B)   Japan
C)   Greenland
D)   Saudi Arabia

289)      Which of the following Country is largest by population?
A)   Russia
B)   Indonesia
C)   China
D)   India

290)      Which part of the world is called “Cockpit of Europe”?
A)   Belgium
B)   Ireland
C)   Netherlands
D)   Greenland