General Knowledge MCQs Part 28

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271)      Which of the following strait separates Italy from Sicily?
A)   Sunda
B)   Messina
C)   Bonifacio
D)   Johore

272)      Which one is the longest river of Pakistan from given below?
A)   Jhelum
B)   Chenab
C)   Ravi
D)   Sutlaj.
Note: the longest river of Pakistan is Indus River.

273)      Which is the smallest sea of world?
A)   South ChinaSea
B)   Arabian Sea.
C)   Baltic Sea
D)   Caribbean Sea.

274)      Which of the following river is located in Iraq?
A)   Lena
B)   Oxus
C)   Volga
D)   Euphrates

275)      In which of the following country, ‘Victoria Falls’ is located?
A)   Canada
B)   Zimbabwe
C)   U.S.A
D)   Venezuela

276)      Which of the following waterfalls is located between America and Canada?
A)   Victoria Falls
B)   Ribbon Falls
C)   Niagara Falls
D)   Angels Falls.

277)      Identify the world’s Largest Dam :-
A)   Aswan
B)   Kiev
C)   Three Gorges Dam 
D)   Mangla

278)      In which of the following region ‘New Zealand’ is situated?
A)   Europe
B)   South America
C)   Caribbean
D)   Oceania

279)      The world’s largest land frontier is between:
A)   America and Canada
B)   Russia and China
C)   Argentina and Brazil
D)   China and Mongolia

280)      The world’s largest sliver producing country is.--
A)   Canada
B)   Australia
C)   Russia
D)   Mexico.

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