Current Affairs MCQs Part 28

current affairs mcqs 2019
271. Archipelago is called cluster of?
A. Flowers
B. Islands
C. Stars
D. Trees

272. Foundation of India National Congress by A.O hume in.?
A. 1877
B. 1885
C. 1878
D. None of Them

273. Name the German scientist who invented the atom bomb.?
A. Hahn Otto
B. John Waker
C. John Gutenbger
D. None of Them

274. Headquarter of UNESCO is located in.?
A. Paris
B. Berne
C. Geneva
D. London

275. Athing (oldest parliament of word) is parliament of.?
A. Denmark
B. Iceland

276. Study of earthquakes is called as?
A. Ecology
B. Seismology
C. Oncology
D. None of these

277. Name of the firs cloned sheep?
A. Dolly
B. Micky
C. Mameen
D. Jakor

278. Lack of ____ Causes diabetes?
A. Sugar
B. Insulin
C. Calcium
D. Vitamins

279. “Babylon” is the famous city of?
A. Iraq
B. Jordan
C. Kuwait
D. None of Them

280. Euro currency was launched in?
A. Jan 1997
B. Mar 2000
C. Feb 1998
          D. Jan 1999 

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