PPSC FPSC Important Guess One Paper MCQs Test Questions 2017

 PPSC FPSC Important Guess One Paper MCQs Test Questions 2017
52.    Senator elected for years
53.    Hajj kab farz hua
54.    Which is odd man out for 14,28,49,65,35,21
55.    Mohammad bin qasim ny sindh kb fateh kia
56.    Plot sold at 18700 loses 15% at what prices it sold for 15% profit
57.    After the concert everyone-------------and clapped
58.    Mr. Antonio Gutierrez belongs to
59.    Once in a blue moon meaning
60.    Kanpur mosque tragedy year
61.    Chanakya is the writer of
62.    Jinah India Partition Independence written by
63.    2016 olympics held at
64.    Orangutan is taken from language
65.    Marlas in one acer
66.    Fill in the blank
67.    Al Hilal issued year
68.    Defiant synonym
69.    Partisan synonym
70.    Chairman boundary commission
71.    Ashes is played between
72.    Ethiopia old name
73.    6 men wages for 15 days is 2100 find wages of 9 men for 12 days
74.    Blue mosque is in
75.    Umul Masakeen is title of
76.    President of cuba
77.    Validate antonym
78.    NRO year
79.    Under a cloud mean
80.    Indian wins freedom written by
81.    During lukhnow packet Quaid e azam belong to which party
82.    Nile of Pakistan is called
83.    Where is khojak tunnel
84.    One mile is equal to feet
85.    Which country left commonwealth organization
86.    Which food component prevent constipation
87.    Where is satapara lake
88.    Archduke Ferdinand murder causes war
89.    LRMIS stands for
90.    Who elects the president
91.    Lahore ka Jughrafia kis ka mazmoon hai
92.    Khan raja bhwaj aur khan---------------
93.    To blow one’s trumpet ka matlb
94.    Konsa poet masnvi nigar famous hai
95.    Yh sher kis ka hai phool ki pati cy kt skta hai------
96.    A cold blooded murder ka mtlb kia hai
97.    Israr khudi ka English trjma kis ny kia
98.    Muno bhai ka real name kia hai
99.    Drama sona chandi ka writer kon hai
100.    Qurtba ka qazi kis ki tasnif hai