MPSC NPSC OPSC RPSC Important General Knowledge General English MCQs Questions Paper Practice Test Preparation

1. Which plant produces seed but not fruit?

2. The President of the Indian Union has the same constitutional authority as which country?
British Monarch

3. Which is a major constituent of Biogas?

4. Which Grasslands not support any trees?

5. Which was known as Chalco-lithic Age?
Copper-stone Age

6. Which books was written by Tilak?
Gita Rahasya

7. Which gas is absorbed during photosynthesis?

8. Which country leads in fish catches?

9. Which temple got the name of Black Pagoda?
Sun Temple

10. What is the natural source of hydrocarbon?

11. The high altitude tropical forest which has dwarfed trees is known by which name?
Elfm forest

12. From which age can Idol worship in India be traced?

13. “Bhanu Singha” was the pen name of famous writer?
Rabindra Nath Tagore

14. What is the most important factor in thunderstorms development?
Atmospheric instability

15. In which year did the Indian Naval Mutiny against the British take place?