Islamiat MCQs Part 23

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The page where you learn all islamiat mcqs with answer. hare you will find all Islamic history mcqs and Quraan, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other Islamic history mcqs, like a battles, books writer and all islamiat mcqs and past  paper islamiat mcqs. the first question is the IFK event is described in Quraan and second the prophet's stamp comprises these words. mcqs of islamiat will help you in every test preparation. Islamiat is compulsory in every exam and test. more latest and important mcqs read and share with other's to help in test preparation.

221. The "IFK" event is described in the Quran in?
A. Surah Baqarah
B. Surah Taubah
C. Surah Noor
D. Surah Yaseen

222. The Prophet's stamp comprises these word?
A. Allah, Rasool, Muhammad
B. Muhammad, Rasool, Allah
C. Rasool, Muhammad, Allah
D. None Of Them

223. The heads of zakat are?
A. Eight
B. Nine
C. Seven
D. Five

224. MAUWAZATAIN means?
A. A Coliction Of Ahadith
B. Two Specific Surahs Of Quran
C. A Book Of Jaffaraia Fiqh
D. A Book Of Hanfi Fiqh

225. Qzza was the name of?
A. A Specific Goddess Of Quraish
B. Honour And Respect
C. Name Of A Tree
D. None Of Above

226. Ashahus sabt means?
A. Jews
B. Chnistians
C. Muslmism
D. Sabeen

227. The members of famous mounts are?
A. Four
B. Six
C. Seven
D. Two

228. Jabal-e-noor is situated in?
A. Arfat
B. Ghari Hira
C. Chari Saur
D. Jabal Uhud

229. Mention the religious book of Buddhism?
A. Weena Pataka
B. Sata Pataka
C. Abhi Pataka
D. None Of These ( Tripitaka )

230. What was the religion of the majority of the arabes before islam?
A. Buddhism
B. Jewish
C. Idolatrous
D. Christianity