General Knowledge MCQs Part 23

general knowledge mcqs for nts test
221. Which nation leads the world in feature film production.?
A. China
B. India
C. United states
D. Japan

222. Largest coal producer.?
A. Russia
B. Germany
C. China
C. Uk

223. Country with the largest expenditure on defense is.?
A. Canada
C. Russia
D. None of above

224. Name the river in the world which carries the maximum volume of water.?
A. Amazon
B. Nile
C. Mississippi
D. Indus

225. Country with the largest army is.?
A. China
B. India
C. Rusai
D. Usa

226. The largest, heaviest and longest mammal is.?
A. Shark
B. Elephant
C. Blue whale
D. None of them
227. Where is the longest glacier “Lambert glacier”.?
A. China
B. Canada
C. Antarctica
D. Siberia

228. The old spoken language in the world is.?
A. A English
B. Chinese
C. French
D. Japanese

229. Which country is famous for publications of most news papers.?
B. Canada
C. India
D. China

230. The largest animal in the world is.?
A. Elephant
B. Rhinoceros
C. Hippopotamus
D. Blue whale