Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs Part 19

pakistan current affairs mcqs past paper
181. A deep sea port being built in Baluchistan Province is?
A. Gwadar
B. Ormara
C. Jiwani
D. None of above

182. Pakistan fruits garden is?
A. Baluchistan
B. Turbat
C. Punjab
D. Chaman

183. Hanna lake is located in?
A. Panjab
B. Giltal baldistan
C. Kpk
C. Balochistan

184. The murdar mountain is titrated near?
A. Murri
B. Zhob
C. Zairat
D. Quetta

185. East balochistan is divided from the rest of sindh and Punjab by?
A. Chaghi ranges
B. Sulaiman ranges
C. Kirthar & sulaiman
D. None of above

186. The oldest inhabitants of Baluchistan are.?
A. Bloch
B. Planktons
C. Sindhi
D. Brahivis

187. How man divisions are in Baluchistan province.?
A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9

188. The largest ethnic group in Baluchistan.?
A. Baloch
B. Brahvis are centered around?
C. Kalat
D. None of above

189. Quetta was almost completely destroyed because of the great earthquake on?
A. 31st may, 1935
B. 1stapril, 1940
C. 2ndmay, 1950
D. None of above

190. How many people were killed in Quetta in the 1935 earth quake?
A. 10,000
B. 20,000
C. 30,000
D. 35,000