General Knowledge MCQs Part 21

general knowledge mcqs for jobs test preparaiton
201. The Fastest Land Animal Is.?
A. Bengal’s Tiger
B. Africa Tiger
C. Cheetah Or Hunting Leopard
D. None Of These

202. Which Day Is Considered As The Longest Day Of Each Year.?
A. 12thMarch
B. 21stMay
C. 21st June
D. 17thAugust

203. In Which Month Sun Is Closest To Earth.?
A. December
B. January
C. November
D. June

204. Who Has The Record Of Highest Individuals Score In Limited Over (ODI) Match.?
A. Varinder Sehwag
B. Rohit Sharma
C. Sachin Tandulkar
D. Saeed Anwar

205. Which Day Is Considered As The Shortest Day Of Each Year.?
A. 22nd Dec
B. 5thJan
C. 21st Nov
D. None Of Theme

206. Which Is The Largest Mountain Range In The World.?
A. Alps
B. Andes
C. Tibet
D. Himalayas

207. Which Is The Second Highest Mountain Peak In The World.?
A. Mt Everest
B. K2
C. Trich Mir
D. Nanga Parbat

208. The Second Highest Mountain Peak Goodwin Austen In The World Is Located In.?
A. Nepal
B. India
C. Pakistan
D. China

209. Name The Longest Lived Land Animal.?
A. Tiger
B. Giraffe
C. Cheetah
D. Elephant

210. Nile Is The Longest River Of The World. Which One Of The Following Is The Largest River Of The World.?
A. Amazon
B. Indus
C. Hawang Ho
D. None Of Them

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