General Knowledge MCQs Part 20

general knowledge mcqs for all test preparaiton
191. Which is the tallest animal .?
A. Ostrich
B. Zebra
C. Giraffe
D. None of Above

192. Which is the biggest bird in the world.?
A. Ostrich
B. Eagle
C. India sparrow
D. India parrot

193. Which is the hottest planet with estimated surface temperature is 464C of our solar system.?
A. Venus
B. Uranus
C. Neptune
D. Saturn

194. Which planet is the nearest to earth in our solar system.?
A. Pluto
B. Jupiter
C. Venus
D. Mars

195. Which is the fastest planet of our solar systems.?
A. Venus
B. Pluto
C. Jupiter
D. Marks

196. Which is the brightest planet of our solar system.?
A. Plato
B. Venus
C. Jupiter
D. Mercury

197. Which is the faintest planet of our solar system.?
A. Jupiter
B. Venus
C. Pluto
D. None of Above

198. Planet with most satellites is.?
A. Venus
B. Jupiter
C. Saturn
D. Pluto

199. Sirius A ( Brightest star ) is also known as.?
A. Cat star
B. Dog star
C. Loin star
D. Horse star

200. Which of the following is the nearest star.?
A. Proximal centaury
B. Proximal Pluto
C. Proximal century
D. Proximal center

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