Islamiat MCQs Part 18

islamiat mcqs with answer
171. Fatwa Qazi Khan is an authentic fatwa of.?
A. Figh Hanbali
B. Figh Maliki
C. Fiqh Hanafi
D. None of above

172. Ozza was the name of.?
A. A specific goddess of Quraish
B. Honour and respect
C. Name of a tree
D. None of above

173. Fidk garden was bestowed to the holy prophet as.?
A. Booty
B. Gift
C. Load
D. Fay

174. Quba mosque has been mention in Quran in.?
A. Surah anfal
B. Suah al-muzammil
C. Surah –Al-Tubah
D. None of above

175. The lfk event is described in the Quran in.?
A. Surah baqarah
B. Surah taubah
C. Surah noor
D. None of above

176. MAUWAZATAIN means.?
A. A collection of Ahadith
B. Two specific surahs of quraan
C. A book of jaffarian fiqh
D. None of above

177. Ashahus sabt means.?
A. Jews
B. Christains
C. Muslims
D. Sabieen

178. Batha valley is situated in.?
A. Makkah
B. Madia
C. Egypt
D. Jordan

179. The members of famous moths are.?
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five

180. Splitting of the moon was occurred in.?
A. Arafat
B. Mina
C. Muzdalifa
D. None of above