General Knowledge MCQs Part 18

general knowledge solved questions
171. The fastest flying bird is.?
A. Indian falcon
B. The peregrine falcon
C. African sparrow
D. African falcon

172. Name the largest populous country of the Islamic world.?
A. Pakistan
B. Bangladesh
C. Indonesia
D. Turkey

173. In which country largest oil field “Ghawar Field” is located.?
A. Kuwait
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Russia

174. Which country possesses the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world.?
A. Canada
B. Japan
C. Germany

175. Name the first man to sail round the world is.?
A. John Maynard
B. Milton Friedman
C. Ferdinand Magellan
D. None of these

176. Which is the largest producer of coffee in the world.?
A. Brazil
B. Sri Lanka
C. Pakistan
D. Myanmmar

177. Which is the oldest stock exchange market in the world.?
A. New your
B. Amsterdam
C. Hamburg
D. London

178. Which is the smallest bird in the world.?
A. Indian sparrow
B. Ostrich
C. Hemming bird
D. India parrot

179. Which metal has the highest electrical conductivity.?
A. Silver
B. Copper
C. Iron
D. Tungsten

180. Which country is the largest oil consumer in the world.?
B. Russia
C. Pakistan
D. China