Chemistry MCQs Part 16

chemistry mcqs
151. The simplest whole number ratio of atoms in the compound is called.?
A. Structural formula
B. Empirical Formula
C. Molecular Formula
D. None of above

152. A chemical formula based on actual number of molecule is called formula.?
A. Structural
B. Molecular
C. Empirical
D. None of above

153. On the Fahrenheit scale, the freezing point of water is.?
A. 30F
B. 31F
C. 32F
D. None of above

154. Very small and very large quantities are expressed in term of.?
A. Logarithm
B. Significant figures
C. Exponents
D. None of above

155. Which of the following is a single pure compound.?
A. Air
B. Steam
C. Brass
D. Sea Water

156. Which one of the following is not a compound.?
A. Air
B. Lime
C. Sodium Carbonate
D. Water

157. Formula of Ferric sulphate is.?
A. FeSO4
B. Fe2(SO4)3
C. Fe2SO4
D. None of above

158. A Mixture whose composition in uniform throughout the mixture is called.?
A. Heterogeneous
B. Homogenous
C. Photonuclear
D. None of above
159. The Number of Moles present in 6gms of carbon is.?
A. 2
B. 0.5
C. 5
D. 1

160. Freezing point of water.?
A. 32F
B. 273K
C. 0C
D. All of These