Islamiat MCQs Part 13

islamiat mcqs with answer
121. When Hazrat Usman R.A became the third khalifa of the Muslims.?
A. 5thof Muharram 23 A.H
B. 4th of Muharram 24 A.H
C. 3rdof Muharram 25 A.H
D. 2ndof Muharram 26 A.H

122. To whom Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A commissioned for the compilation of the Holly Qur’an.?
A. Hazrat Umer R.A
B. Hazrat Usman R.A
C. Hazrat Bilal R.A
D. Hazrat Zaid ibn Sabit R.A

123. Hazrat Umer belonged to which family of Quraish.?
A. Aad
B. Aos
C. Khizraj
D. Adi

124. Hazrat Ali R.A belongs to.?
A. Banu Adi
B. Banu Khizrij
C. Banu Hashim
D. Banu Aos

125. At which place of Makkah, Hazrat Ali R.A was born.?
A. Khana-e-Ka’ba
B. Bai-ul-Maqadus
C. Masjid-e-Navi
D. Bait-ul-laham

126. How may ghazwat are mention in the Holy Qur’an.?
A. 14
B. 11
C. 16
D. 12

127. What is the other name of Surah Tauba.?
A. Bra’at
B. Alaq
C. Teen
D. None of These

128. Which Surah was revealed tow times once in Makkah and Second in Madina.?
A. Alaq
B. Asr
C. Fateha
D. Ghashiya

129. Firs Surah which was revealed completely .?
A. Alaq
B. Asr
C. Fathea
D. Ghashiya

130 . When the Jewish scholar Abudullah-bin-Salam embraced Islam
A. 4 A.H
B. 3 A.H
C. 2 A.H
D. 1 A.H