Everyday Science MCQs Part 1

everyday science mcqs for latest 2018 test mcqs
1. Which endocrine gland produces melatonin.?
A. Pineal Gland
B. Thymus
C. Pituitary Gland
D. Adrenal Cortex

2. What is the enzyme that is in stomach acid called.?
A. Armylase
B. Pepsin
C. Maltase
D. None of these

3. The gastric glands in the stomach produce which enzyme.?
A. Plyalin
B. Pepsin
C. Tropism
D. insulin

4. Bile is produced by.?
A. Liver
B. Pancreas
C. Salivary gland
D. Stomach

5. Which human gland does secret growth hormone.?
A. Pancreas
B. Thalamus
C. Pituitary Gland
D. Liver
6. Which is the smallest gland in human body.?
A. Liver
B. Thyroid
C. Pituitary
D. Salivary Gland

7. Which gland is called Master Gland.?
A. Pituitary gland
B. Testes
C. Overies
D. Adrenals

8. Pituitary gland is located just below the.?
A. Brain
B. Heart
C. Liver
D. Kidney

9. Which of the following gland in human body is popularly called “Adam’s apple”?
A. Adrenal
B. Pituitary
C. Thyroid
D. Thymus

10. Oxygen in our blood is transported by a protein named.?
A. Haemoglobin
B. Keratin
C. Collagen
D, Myoglobin