Computer MCQs Part 13

computer mcqs with answer
121. Where does most data go first within a computer memory hierarchy.?
A. Ram
B. Rom
C. Both a and b

122. What is the capacity of a standard pc floppy.?
A. 2 MB
B. 1.44 MB
C. Both a & B
D. None of these

123. Which of the following is not a Unix or Linux variant.?
A. Debain
B. Dos
C. Both a & b
D. None of thes

 124. What is clock cycle.?
A. CPU processing speed
B. The accuracy of a computer
C. A and b
D. None of the above

125. Which media holds more information .?
B. CD Rom
C. Floppy Disk
D. None of these

126. All computer must have.?
A. Operating system
B. Word processing software
C. A and b
D. None of These

127. MPG extension refers usually to what kind of file.?
A. Image
B. Animation / Movi File
C. A & B
D. None of these

128. Which part is the “brain” of the computer.?
A. Keyboard
B. Mouse
D. Ram

129. ROM is composed of.?
A. Micro processors
B. Micro chromium
C. Micro chromium
D. None of these

130. Which of the following term is used to describe the starting point, or main page of a web site.?
A. First page
B. Links page
C. Initial page
D. Home page

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