Biology MCQs Part 11

biology mcqs with answer
101. The movement of materials across the cell membrane with the help of biologicalenergy provided by ATP is called.?
A. Passive Transport.
B. Endocytosis.
C. Active Transport.
D. Fractionation.

102. It is the process in which the cell membrane helps to take in material by infolding in the form of vacuole.?
A. Electrolysis.
B. Fractionation.
C. Endocytosis.
D. Active transport.

103. In plants which cells are concerned with transport of food.?
A. Phloem vessels.
B. Xylem vessels.
C. Vascular bundle.
D. None of the above.

104. In plants ,which of the following cells are used to store surplus food.?
A. Chlorenchymatous cells.
B. Parenchymatous cells.
C. Sclerenchymatous cells.
D. Golgi bodies.

105. The outermost layer in a plant cell is.?
A. Cell membrane.
B. Plasma membrane.
C. Nuclear membrane.
D. Cell wall.

106. Chemicallycell membrane is composed of closely associated molecules of.?
A. Proteins.
B. Proteins and lipids.
C. lipids.
D. Carbohydrates.

107. What is the percentage of lipid molecules in the cell membrane.?
A. 40-60%.
B. 60-80%.
C. 20-40%.
A. 80-100%.

108. Which plant cells give support to plant body.?
A. Sclerenchymatous cells.
B. Phloem cells.
C. Xylem cells.
D. Parenchyma cells.

109. In plants,which cells carry out photosynthesis. ?
A. Sclerenchymatous.
B. Paranchymatous.
C. Chlorenchymatous.
D. None of the above.

110. In cell membrane in addition to proteins and lipid there is a small of quantity of.?
A. Carbohydrates.
B. Fast.
C. Cellulose.
D. Mineral.