Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs Part 9

pakistan current affairs mcqs
81. The last viceroy of united India was.?
A. Lord Mount Batten
B. Lord Curzon
C. Lord Ranazia
D. None of These

82. Which one is known as Bab-ul-Islam.?
B. Punjab
C. Sindh
D. None of These

83. The first O.I.C summit was held in.?
A. Rabat, Morocco
B. Kabul, Afghanistan
C. Islamabad, Pakistan
D. None of These

84. The second O.I.C summit 1974 was held in
A. Kabul , Afghanistan
B. Lahore, Pakistan
C. Dhaka, Bangladesh
D. None of these

85. The Third O.I.C summit 1981 was held in.?
A. Lahore, Pakistan
B. Sharja, Dubai
C. Makkah & Taif, Saudia Arabia
D. None of These

86. The Fourth O.I.C summit 1984  was held in.?
A. Casablanca, Morocco
B. Sharja, Dubai
C. Makkah, Saudi Aribia
D. None of These

87. The Fifth O.I.C summit 1987  was held in.?
A. Makkah, Saudi Aribia
B. Islamabad, Pakistan
C. Kuwait
D. None of These

88. The Sixth O.I.C summit 1991 was held in.?
A. Dakar, Senegal
B. Makkah, Saudi Aribia
C. Lahore, Pakistan
D. None of these

89. The Seventh O.I.C summit 1994 was held in.?
A. Makkah
B. Casablanca
C. Dhaka
D. None of These

90. The Eight O.I.C summit 1997 was held in.?
A. Iraq
B. Casablnca
C. Tehran, Iran
D. None of these