Physics MCQs Part 5

physics mcqs
41. Which of the following pairs of physical quantities have identical dimensions?
A. Moment of a force and Angular Momentum
B. work and Energy
C. Torque and Energy
D. None of these

42. The quantity e 2/hc , where 'e' is the electronic charge 'h' is the Planck's constant and 'c' is the velocity of light
A. has the dimension of mass
B. has the dimension of length
C. has the dimension of time
D. is dimensionless

43. If the velocity of light c, the constant of gravitation G and Planck's constant have chosen as fundamental units , the dimensions of length in the new system is
A. C -13/2 G 1/2 h
B. C -1/2 G -1/2 h
C. C -5/2 h
D. none of these

44. State the physical quantity represented by L 2 T2 0-1 where 0 is represents the unit temperature
A. Thermal capacity of the body
B. Thermal conductivity
C. Specific thermal capacity
D. specific latent heat of vaporization

45. Correct unit of capacitance in SI system is
A. Nf
B. Pf
C. F
D. Uf

46. The correct unit of inductance in SI system is
A. Lx
B. Lm
C. H
D. Wb

47. The correct unit of magnetic flux in SI system is
A. Lumen
B. Tesla(T)
C. Henry(H)
D. Weber(wb)

48. The correct unit of illuinance in SI system is
A. Lumen
B. Candela
C. Lux
D. Weber

49. In SI system the unit of specific heat capacity is
A. gm cm2 Sec-1
B. .K -1
C. W.m-1 K-1
D. -1

50. In SI system the correct unit of mass is
A. Ton
B. Kg
C. G
D. Mg

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