Current Affairs MCQs Part 8

current affairs mcqs for all test preparation
71. The Capital City of Canada.
A. Ottawa
B. Torronto
C. Victoria
D. None of Them

72. The study of maps is called.
A. Biology
B. Cartography
C. Homology
D. None of theme

73. The largest electric producer in world.
A. China
B. Pakistan
D. Japan

74. In which country the world largest university?
A. Canada
B. Pakistan
C. Spain
D. America

75. In which country the most mines
            A. South Africa
            B. Pakistan
            C. China
            D. Japan

76. The most populist country of the world
            A. Pakistan
            B. Japan
            C. China
            D. India

77. Where is the most expensive shoes.
            A. England
            B. America
            C. Chile
            D. UAE
78. Which is the smallest Islamic country by area
            A. Saudi Arabia
            B. Afghanistan
            C. Maldives
            D. Turkey  

79. Which is the hardest stone in the world.
            A. Dimond
            B. Amatrix
            C. Russian Jade
            D. None of theme  
80. Where is the world tallest tree.
            A. Pakistan
            B. India
            C. California
            D. China