Chemistry MCQs Part 3

chemistry mcqs with answer
21. Gases can be compressed by?
A. Increasing temperature
B. Changing conditions
C. Decreasing pressure
D. Increasing pressure

22. On compressing the gas, molecules?
A. Come close
B. Go away
C. Reduce their volume
D. Change their shape

23. Gases possess a volume which is?
A. Different
B. Fixed
C. Not fixed
D. In definite

24. Gaseous state is a form of matter?
A. Solid
B. Complicated 
C. Simple
D. Liquid

25. Gases occupy volume?
A. Definitely
B. All available
C. Indefinitely
D. Partially

26. Because gases adopt the shapes of the container, they have?
A. Different shapes
B. Fixed shapes
C. No fixed shapes
D. Definite shapes

27. If the molecules of different gases do not react chemically, they can?
A. Defuse
B. Refuse
C. Escape
D. Trap

28. Volume of a gas changes with?
A. Nature of gas
B. Size of atoms
C. Nature of contained
D. Shape of molecules

29. Burning is a process?
A. Chemical
B. Physical
C. Nuclear
D. Biological

30. Molecular of gas can?
A. Move
B. Repel
C. Attract
D. Cannot move