Pedagogy MCQs Part 1

pedagogy mcqs
Pedagogy is the theory of different types of education and variations of teaching. they defined as the method of teaching. Here you are going to get Pedagogy MCQs. The Multiple Choice Questions about Class Management, Educational Planning. We are adding day by day new questions. We are focusing to share basics and advanced level Pedagogy MCQs. The deals student with teacher & help to answering different question related to education. The Theory and Philosophy of Education. In this post you will find the all educational test MCQs. the following question is get from different reliable sources. The following all questions will help you in test preparaiton. The given all quesotion for all teaching test. For regular updages like our Faceboo Page Or follow us to Get Free MCQs on Mobile. Go to main page of Pedagogy MCQs and read all question i have alredy posted the hundredns of MCQs
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Pedagogy MCQs

1. Emotional Adjustment of students is effective in?
A. Personality formation
B. Class-teaching
C. Discipline
D. All of the above

2. Black-board in which group/category of teaching-aids?
A. Audio-aids
B. Visual-aids
C. Audio-visual aids
D. None of the above

3. Which of the following is related with teaching skill?
A. Black-board writing
B. Solving questions
C. Asking questions
D. All the above

4. Students who ask questions in the class should be?
A. Advised to meet the teacher after the class
B. Encouraged to participate in the discussion in the class
C. Encouraged to continue asking questions
D. Encouraged to search 
 answers independently

5. At authoritarian level teaching?
A. Teacher centered
B. Child-centered
C. Headmaster centered
D. Experience based

6. Who developed the interaction analysis category system in  education for increasing the teacher effectiveness?
A. Flander
B. Rayon
C. Amidon and Simon
D. Richard Over

7. One of the important theory of moral  envelopment has been proposed by?
A. Laurence Kohlberg
B. Erik Fromm
C. Daniel Coleman
D. Benjamin Bloom

8. Character is developed by?
A. Will-power
B. Conduct and behavior
C. Morality
D. All of the above

9. Which of the following is not a level of teaching learning?
A. Differentiation level
B. Memory level
C. Reflective level
D. Understanding level

10. NUEPA is mainly concerned with?
A. Educational Supervision
B. Educational Unity
C. Educational Planning
D. Educational Evaluation