Chemistry MCQs Part 2

chemistry mcqs with answer
11. When breaking of chemical bonds occur in a reaction, new substances?
A. Change
B. Form
C. Disappear
D. reappears

12. Matter exists in different state?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 2
D. 1

13. Boiling point of a liquid is a?
A. Physical property
B. Bonding property
C. Internal property
D. Chemical property

14. Ice and water are forms of matter?
A. Like
B. Alike
C. Same
D. Different

15. Ice and water are merely different states?
A. Solid
B. Chemical
C. Physical
D. liquid

16. When ice melts, it is a?
A. Physical change
B. Internal change
C. Chemical change
D. External change

17. If a property of a substance indicates its ability to react, it is?
A. Physical property
B. Reacting property
C. Reducing property
D. Chemical property

18. If during reaction, chemical bonds of a substance break, its properties change are?
A. Chemical
B. Physical
C. Internal
D. External

19. Melting point of a substance is a?
A. Chemical property
B. Internal property
C. Basic property
D. Physical property

20. If a substance undergoes a chemical reaction, its properties change are?
A. Physical
B. Apparent
C. Internal
D. Chemical