Physics MCQs Part 1

physics mcqs for all test preparation
1. The branch of physics which deals the properties of matter and energy and their mutual relation is called.
A. Chemistry
B. Biology
C. Physics
D. Astronomy.

2. The  orange light emitted from krypton -86 is used to define
A. Kg
B. Mater
D. Second

3. The unit of force in British engineering system is
A. Newton
B. Dyne
C. Pound
D. Kelvin

4. The unit of mass in foot-pound system is
A. Kg
B. Slug
C. Ampere
D. Gram

5. The dimension formula of velocity is.
A. LT-2
B. M0LT-2
C. LT-1
D. LMT-1

6. The Dimension formula of acceleration is
A. LT-2
B. ML2T-2
C. LT-2

7. Cs- 133 is used to measure
A. Time
B. Mass
C. Length
D. Force

8. One atton is equal to
A. 10 Femto
B. 100 Femto
C. 10-3 Femto
D. 1000 Femto

9. One inch is equal to
A. 0.254 m
B. 0.254 cm
C. 2.54 cm
D. 25.4 cm

 10. The total number of significant figures in 0.0054
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4