General Knowledge MCQs Part 3

general knowledge questions for jobs test
21.World environment day is on?
A.                       5th June
B.                        5th May
C.                        2 June
D.                       2 May

22.The world oldest known city is
A.                      Tokyo
B.                       Damascus
C.                        Paris
D.                       Beijing

23.         Hindenburg Line is in between
A.                        India and China
B.                        Germany and Poland
C.                       France and Germany
D.                       India and Pakistan

24.         Highest Dam in world is
A.                        Hirakud Dam on the river Mahanadi-Orissa
B.                        Bhakra Nangal on river Sutlej
C.                       Jinping-I Dam
D.                       none of these

25.         The first prime minister of Bangladesh was
A.                        Liaqat Ali
B.                       Mujibur Rehman
C.                        Tajuddin Ahmad
D.                       Zia-ul-Haq

26.         Headquarter of Ghandhara civilization is in
A.                        Khatmandu
B.                        Larkana
C.                        Quetta
D.                       Taxilla

27.         Which country is largest in area
A.                        China
B.                        Canada
C.                       Russia
D.                       India

28.         The largest planet is
A.                       Jupiter
B.                        Mercury
C.                        Venus
D.                       Earth

29.         In which country did the rottweiler originate
A.                        America
B.                        Africa
C.                        China
D.                       Germany

30.         Which colour is produced by adding together yellow and cyan
A.                       Green
B.                        Red
C.                        Blue
D.                       Pink
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