General Knowledge MCQs Part 2

general knowledge mcqs for jobs test preparation
11.Where the biggest Salt Mine (Khewra Salt Mine) located in Pakistan?
A.  Mangora
B.   Jhelum
C.   Sawat
D.  none of these

12. The most beautiful stone-Marble is extracted from which Province of Pakistan
A.   Punjab
B.    Sindh
D.  Baluchistan

13.    On which area of the moon did Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins make their landing on 20 July 1969
A.  Sea of Tranquility
B.   unkonown place of moon
C.   centre of moon
D.  none of these

14.    What name is more commonly given to a tree of the genus Taxus
A.   Oak
B.  Yew
C.   Plum
D.  Gum

5.    The longest river in Pakistan is
A.  River Ravi
B.  River Sindh
C.  River Cheenab
D.  River Jehlum

16.    In which cartoon series do the characters Chef and Cartman appear
A.   Tom and Jerry
B.   The Snow white
C.   Cindrella
D.  South Park

17.    In which country is the port of Dieppe
A.   Turkey
B.   Germany
C.  France
D.  Italy

18.    In which country are the headquarters of the multinational company Nestle
A.  Switzerland
B.   Venice
C.   Japan
D.  Norway

19.    Which two primary colours are mixed to make purple
A.   red and green
B.  red and blue
C.   red and yellow
D.  red and white

20.    What type of creature is a fulmar
A.   A reptile
B.   An insect
C.   A dog
D.  A bird