Computer MCQs Part 1 | Introduction Of Computer

computer mcqs with answer
1. All physical components and other attached I/O devices of computer are called _______.?
A. Software
B. Hardware
C. Firmware
D. Liveware

2. Which of the following is the major innovation of Third Generation.?
A. Integrated Circuits (IC’s)
C. Vacuum Tube
D. Transistors

3. Which computer deals with continuously varying physical quantities.?
A. Digital compute
B. Analog computer
C. Marco computer
D. Mini computer

4. ________ are close to human languages.?
A. High Level Languages
B. Low Level Languages
C. Assembly language
D. None Of These

5. _________ translates one instruction at a time.?
A. Compiler
B. Interpreter
C. Assembler
D. None Of These

6. The Main memory used in 1st Generation is.?
B. ROM and RAM
D. Magnetic Drums

7. Punched car was invented By.?
A. Herman Hollerith
B. Charles Babbage
C. Blake Pascal
D. John Mauchley

8. Computer can transmit all the information to transmission media as series of binary bits.?
A. 1’s and 0’s
B. O’s and 3’s
C. 2’s and 2’s
D. 0’s and 2’s

9. Computer Means.?
A. To Operate
B. To Produce
C. To Calculate
D. To Generate

10. Computer ear is divided into _________ ages.?
A. Two ages
B. Three ages
C. Only one ages
D. Four ages