Procedure of Admission for Foreign Students in Universities of Pakistan


The Higher Education Commission Islamabad has a mandate to promote higher education within the country and to encourage and to facilitate Pakistani nationals settled abroad to seek admission in universities of Pakistan. HEC has now also been entrusted to facilitate the foreign students seeking admission in Pakistani Universities and to curtail their difficulties in getting NOC, Visas and its extension.

Higher Education Commission Islamabad has therefore, examined the subject matter and after obtaining concurrence of Ministries of Education, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Economic Affairs Division etc.. has streamlined the admission procedure (mentioned below) of all the streams of studies except professional subjects (i.e. MBBS, BDS, D-Pharmacy and BS Engineering). The new Procedure of admission is effective from 1st November, 2006.

However, admission of foreign students in MBBS, BDS, D-Pharmacy and BS Engineering under Pakistan Technical Assistant Programme (PTAP) will be processed directly by Economic Affairs Division (EAD) as per previous practice and the admission of the above mentioned professional subjects under Self Finance Scheme (SFS) for the foreign as well as Pakistani origin (having dual nationality) students will be processed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad.


  1. foreign student seeking admission in Pakistani University/Degree Awarding Institution has to apply for admission direct to the concerned university/institution and get the letter of confirmation of admission.
    • University will send a copy of admission letter to HEC
    • HEC to confirm and endorse admission to Ministry of Interior
  2. * Student approaches the Pakistani mission abroad for the visa and submits the  following documents
    •   Application Form (Student Visa Form)
    • Photocopy of passport
    • Photograph
    • Educational Documents
    • Admission letter of university
  3. The Pakistani mission abroad forwards all the documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad for further processing
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs forwards all documents to Ministry of Interior for security clearance
    • Copy to Ministry of Education/Health
    • Copy to HEC
  5. Ministry of Interior as per policy to complete all process with in 4 weeks and sends visa advice to Mission concerned
    •  Copy to HEC
    • Copy to Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  6.  HEC send information of visa advice by email to
    •  University
    • Ministry of Education/Health
  7. Visa to be issued for duration of studies to be renewed annually inclusive of security clearance
           Student Information Sheet

  •  It is the responsibility of the Institution where the student is studying to certify:
  •  Visa Extension Form
  • Bonafied student (certificate)
  • Recommended to extend visa or otherwise
  • The student takes the material to the concerned passport office for extension of visa.
  • Extension of visa is granted by the Passport Office.
  • Intimation of any student leaving the Institution or not remaining a full-time student is sent to the HEC.
  • HEC forwards this information to the Ministry of Interior.
* Note: The student can also forward his documents (mentioned in step 2) through the Embassy of his/her own country in Pakistan.