Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission

Government of the Punjab has strategized a plan where an office of Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission(POPC) has been created.

Main objectives
Welfare of Overseas Pakistanis
Welcoming them in mainstream
Addressing their genuine complaints which fall within the provision of the Provincial Government
Protection from land grabbing and similar other hazards
Facilitation in their investments
Removing hurdles and assisting in policy decisions on the basis of suggestions received from Overseas Pakistanis

Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission Body

Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif
Chief Minister, Punjab

Capt. Shaheen Khalid
Vice Chairperson

Chief Secretary
Government of the Punjab          

Senior Member
Board of Revenue, Punjab
Planning and Development Board
Government of the Punjab          

Home Department
Government of the Punjab
Provincial Police Officer
Government of the Punjab          

Punjab Board of Investment & Trade
Punjab Information Technology Board          

Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission

Three members of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab belonging to those districts having large number of Overseas Pakistanis to be nominated by the Chief Minister

Two women having experience in issues related to Overseas Pakistanis to be nominated by the Government for a term of three years

How can you submit a complaint?

The Office shall handle all the complaints faced by the overseas citizens and it is their responsibility to facilitate the effected. The complainants may lodge their grievances via:
Online Complaint Portal
Constituted Advisory Councils
Respective Embassies, High Commissions and/or Consulates
Directly to the Office of the Commissioner