Pakistan Current affairs 21st Constitutional Amendment Bill

The 21st Constitutional Amendment Bill was presented in National Assembly on 03-01-2015.
Amendments for the Pakistan Army Act 1952 were also presented during the session for debate and approval.
The Minister for Law Pervaiz Rashid presented the original amendment bill in the House, including the amendments to the Army Act.Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was also present on the occasion.The APC session on 02-01-2015 endorsed to bring amendments in the constitution as well as the Army Act. The establishment of special courts would be provided constitutional shield.
The meeting was attended by the country’s top civilian and military leadership on the anti-terrorism National Action Plan (NAP) and formation of special courts.
Details of Army Act Amendment
After the restoration to the Army Act (Amendment), the Pakistan Army can take any action against attackers of civil, military institutions in the country.
According to the bill presented in National Assembly on Saturday, an amendment to Article 175 was also presented, along with amendments to the Army Act 1952.
Under applicable law, any attackers using weapons against religion would also be liable to punishment. Any individual or group suspected to be carrying, hiding, or transporting any explosive material would also be liable to punishment. Anyone accused of kidnapping would also be punished. Any financing of illegal activities would also be liable to punishment.
Under the Army Act, the final verdicts for any terrorist acts being tried in special courts would be taken by the federal government.
All applicable laws under the Army Act would be in effect for a total of two years, after which the special courts would cease to exist.