General KNowledge of World Famous Battles

General Knowledge of World Famous Battles

Name of the Battle


Countries involved

Battle of Marathon

490 BC

Athenians and Persians. King Darius of Persia defeated.

Battle of Thermoplaye

480 BC

Spartans led by Leonidas and Persians led by Xerexes. Greeks defeated.

Battle of Salamis

480 BC

Athenian fleet and Persian fleet in bay of Salamis; Persian fleet defeated.

Battle of Platae

479 BC

Greek and Persians forces defeated.

Battle of Mycale

479 BC

Greek and Persian fleets; Persian fleet defeated.

Spartan War I (Peloponesian War)

459 BC

Sparta and Athens, lasted for 30 years.

Spartan War II

431 BC-421

Sparta and Athens; Spartans victorious.

Battle of Arabia

331 BC

Greek and Persian forces; Greeks victorious.

Battle of Magnesia

190 BC

Syrian and Roman forces; Syrian forces defeated (North-west Lydia).

Battle of Pharasalus

48 AD

Caesar defeated Pompey.

Battle of Hastings


William, the Duck of Normandy defeated Harold, the king of England. England came under the control of Normans.

Hundred- year War



Fought between France and England .

The cause of the war was the succession was claimed to the throne of France which was claimed by Edward III of England. The war was resume by Henry V and was brought to an end by the Heroism of Joan of Arc – ‘A Country girl who overthrew the power of England ‘. John of Arc was burnt alive at the stakes in 1431.

War of the Roses



Civil War in England; The Cause of the

War was a struggle for the throne o England between the two royal houses of Lancaster and York.

Anglo-Spanish War

(Spanish armada War)


Spanish and England fleets fought in the England Channel; The English fleet under lord Howard Defeated of the Spanish Armada.

Battle of Gibraltar Way


The Dutch defeated the Spanish and Portuguese.

Thirty-year War



Stated as religious-cum-political war

Between the Lutherans and Catholics in

Germany and developed into an international war.

Civil War in England


style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto;">1649

Between Cavaliers (King Charles I supporters)and forces of Parliament led by Oliver Cromwell, king Charles I executed .

Battle of Blenheim


England and Austria headed by Marlborough defended France and Russia.

War of Austrian




Queen of Austria, Maria Theresa

(daughter of Charles VII ) was Challenged by king Frederick II of Prussia. England Supported the Queen and Frederick II was helped by France. Ended with a Treaty Which recognized the Queen’s right to the throne after the death of king Frederick.

Seven -Year War

(Anglo-French War III)



Britain and France against Austria and

Prussia; the British alliance won.

Battle of the Nile


British and French fleets, Britain victorious.

Battle of Trafolgar


British fleet defeated fleets of France and Spain. British fleets were commanded by Admiral Nelson, who was killed during the Battle.

Battle of Austerliz


Britain , Austria ,Russia and Prussia .On side and France on the other. Napoleon (France) defeated Austria and Russia.

Battle of Borodino


Between France and Russia. Napolean invaded Russia at Borodino, and nearly defeated the Russians. However on reaching Moscow, his army suffered heavy losses and was forced to retreat. Napolean’s ill-fated attack on Russia market the beginning of the downfall of the French Empire.

Battle of Leipzing


Germany and combined force of Austria, Prussia and Russia, Defeated Napolean.

Battle of Waterloo


British forces and by Duke of Wellington (sir Arthur Wellesly) defeated French forces led by Napolean. Napolean was Captured and exiled to St. Helena where he died in 1821.

First Opium War


China and Britain; Chinese yielded opium. It was a trade war.

Crimean War



The Combined forces of the British,

French and Turks defeated Russia.

American Civil War



Northern states of America under

Abraham Lincon defeated the Southern states and abolished the slavery.

Sino- Japanese War



Japan Defeated China and occupied

Formosa and Korea.

Battle of Omdurman


The British and Egyptian forces defeated

The forces of Khalifa (Mehdits).

Bear War



The revolt of Transvaal Boers was

Suppressed by the British forces. Boers belonged to Dutch Protestant stock who opposed Britishers because of abolition of slavery by Britain.

Russo- Japanese War

(Battle of Port Arthur& Battle of Yalu)



Russia and Japan in the sea of Japan.

Russia defeated; It led the wave of the idea of Asian Resurgence.

Balkan War I


Turkey and Balkan countries (Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece), Turkey defeated.

Balkan War II


Invasion of Serbia and Greece by Bulgaria. Bulgaria was Defeated by Combined forces of Serbia, Greece. Rumania, Montengro who stripped Turkey of most of its European territories.

World War I



Central Power (Germany and its allies)

Against the Allied Power (Britain and its allies); Central power were deeated. Famous Battles : (1). First battle of Marne (1914)- France defeated Germany.

(2). Battle o Jutland(1916)- Naval battle between England and Germany. England defeated Germa
ny. (3). Battle of Verdun (1916)- Fought between France & Germany . (4). Second battle of Marne(1918) – France defeated Germany.

World War II



Axis Powers (Germany and its allies)

Against the Allied Power (Britain and its allies); Axis Power were defeated. Famous Battle: Battle of EI Alamein (1942)-The Allies victory during the World War II and retreat of General Rommel’s forces