SPSC Lecturer Computer Science Past Papers

SPSC Lecturer computer science on March 14, 2013. SPSC test consist of 50 Q. 37 computer sciences + 13 General Knowledge.
Computer science part probably consist master level subjects: such as.
1. Operating System (4 questions)
2. Artificial Intelligence (3 or 4 questions)
3. Telecommunication and data communication. (4 questions)
4. C and java( Figure out the output and OOP concepts) (2 questions)
5. Basic electronic/ Digital Logic Design. (2 questions)
6. Computer organization and Architecture (3 questions)
7. Data representation ( decimal to binary conversion) (1 question)

Computer Science:

1. Which perform modulation and Demodulation: (Modem NIC Hub Bridge).
2. Output of 7.5%3 in C is: (1 .5, .5, No output, Error )
3. Transition in Process state may be: ( ready running block, Block ready suspend, two option missing, perhaps correct one as well)
4. Computer can not load files if not present: ( loader, Operating System, Assembler, compiler)
5. Multiplexing involve which technique ( serial, parallel, Both, None)
6. Front end processor may called: ( Sorry forget the option),
7. 6110 in binary. ( there were many Numbers in 8 bits which logical incorrect. 1 byte can’t this number so correct answer was none of these)
8. Which tell the computer to do a job: ( Op code, Flip Flop, Buses, Address)
9. The And gate which perform both Positive and Negative operation is ( Nand, Nor)
10. Which is most suitable answer if a company wants to extend its LAN by connecting its Dept of Production lies in suburbs of the company: (Modem, wire, Router, Switch/Hub)?
11. The technique which help the computer in pattern recognition. (Sorry not remember).
12. A question was about Registers. I recalled my memory but couldn’t.
13. DBMS provide access to its users via (query language, SQL, C, )
14. AI programming with (Forton, Basic, Prolog, Assembly)
15. Which java file support GUI. (swing, IO, Lang)

General Knowledge Questions from last paper.

1. Which part of human brain is the largest in size (Medullae Oblongata, Cerebrum forgot two more option).
2. Which is highest above the sea level? ( ziarat, Khanspur, loralai thandiani)
3. When was Second OIC summit conference held?
4. The time of a particular area is set according to its ( longitude, latitude, distance to the capital city,)
5. What is language written on the founds of Moen Jo daro?
6. Which is more unsafe while throwing into sewerage: (Oil, Hazardous waste, )
7. When planet/star come the nearest to the sun, then it is called? Forget all option.