Forestery Mcqs Past Papers

(i)  The study of individual and its relationship to the environment is called:
(a) autecology (b) synecology
(c) ecosystem (d) None of these
(ii)  A forest ecosystem development process, starting from establishment of pioneer species uptil its
climax stage is called:
(a) restoration (b) fragmentation
(c) succession (d) None of these
(iii)  The inhibition of germination, growth or metabolism of one plant by another through the
production of toxic chemical compounds that escape into the environment is called:
(a) mycotrophy (b) allelopathy
(c) symbiosis (d) None of these
(iv)  Settling down of water in the form of dew, rain, hails or snow is called:
(a) precipitation (b) rainfall
(c) both of these (d) None of these
(v)  Hypoxia is the condition in soil where plants experience:
(a) waterlogging (b) oxygen deficiency (c) high concentration of salts
(d) All of these (e) None of these
(vi)  Lopping of trees for animal fodder purpose is called:
(a) grazing (b) browsing (c) tethering
(d) coral feeding (e) None of these
(vii)  Pyric factor is important affecting forest growth, it means:
(a) temperature (b) radiation
(c) nutrients (d) None of these
(viii)  The direction towards which a compass needle points is called:
(a) the true direction of North Pole from the observer (b) magnetic north
(c) prismatic compass (d) None of these
(ix)  Nutritious stage of plant growthfor fodder and forage purpose is:
(a) at early growth stage (b) seeds are ripened
(c) at first bloom (d) None of these
(x)  One animal unit is a cow having weight of:
(a) 450 kg (b) 900 kg
(c) 1000 kg (d) None of these
(xi)  The undecomposed plant material present on forest soil surface is called:
(a) mulch (b) litter
(c) compost (d) None of these
(xii)  Essential oil is a product from some tree leaves, it is called so due to:
(a) its market value (b) essence
(c) necessarily presence in leaves (d) None of these
(xiii)  Pheromones are synthetic chemicals used:
(a) to enhance cross pollination in vegetation (b) to attract insect to kill them
(c) to regulate growth (d) None of these
(xiv)  The loss of water through stomata of leaves is called:
(a) evaporation (b) throughfall (c) transpiration
(d) stomatal conductance (e) None of these
(xv)  The downward movement of water within the soil profile is called:
(a) infiltration (b) leaching
(c) percolation (d) None of these
(xvi)  To catch rainfall, hold runoffin a natural stream, divert into adjoining fields downstream and use
for the production of forage, is called:
(a) water harvesting (b) water spreading
(c) erosion control (d) None of these
(xvii)  To leave the range unit ungrazed untilafter seed maturity so that the better forage plants can build
vigor, set seed and thus improve the stand. This system of grazing is called:
(a) nomadic grazing system (b) rotational grazing system (c) deferred grazing system
(d) All of these (e) None of these
(xviii) A long period of time without effective rainfall is known as:
(a) aridity (b) drought
(c) famine (d) None of these
(xix)  Logging and sawmilling corporation is present in:
(a) AJK (b) Baluchistan (c) N.W.F.P.
(d) All provinces (e) None of these
(xx)  The animal considered very dangerousin forests and watershed region is:
(a) goat (b) buffalo (c) camel
(d) cow (e) None of these