Consumer Banking

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Which of the following customer interface refers to the nature of the interaction between the producer and the consumer?
 Fulfillment and Support
Information and Insight
Relationship Dynamics
Pricing Structure
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Which of the following approach to poverty reduction focuses on people as consumers and producers and on solutions that can make markets more efficient, competitive and inclusive?
 Traditional approach
Market based approach
Marked driven approach
Both market based approach and traditional approach
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To succeed in this challenging market, companies need to work with other players to develop the right:
Delivery mechanism
All of the given options
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Banks are required to maintain a general reserve at least equivalent to _______ of the consumer portfolio which is fully secured.
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Which of the following constitutes a significant portion of banks’ lending portfolios?
 Credit finance
Foreign Exchange
Money laundering
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Risk professionals from different banks interact and learn about each other’s risk management practices by which of the following strategy?
 Hiring risk experts
Establishing training and certification program
Revise performance measurement and incentives
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Raising the income and consumption level of the BOP will place immense pressure on already-stretched resources such as:
Energy & ecosystems
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Understanding _____________is vital toward the success of banks’ customer experience initiatives.
 Emotional relevance
Customer interaction
Customer’s expectations
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SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) has issued guidelines for which type of customer complaints?
 Complaints regarding financial losses
Complaints regarding damages to the businesses
Complaints regarding delayed response of the banks
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What is the objective of a relationship based approach?
 To develop strong trust
To develop long term relations
To understand client needs and meet them
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For which of the following area(s) Bank regulators in Asia are establishing new standards?
 Risk and capital management
Portfolio management techniques
Financial examination
Reporting requirements
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Any act or attempted act to disguise the source of money or assets derived from criminal activity is known as:
 White money
Credit creation
Money laundering
Withdrawal of money
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System is a group of which of the following components?
All of the given options
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While extending financing facilities to the customers, the banks / DFIs should ensure that the _____________ is commensurate with monthly income and repayment capacity of the borrower.
 Total installment of the loans
Principal amount of the loan
Interest on the loan
None of the given options
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Which of the following approach tend to endorse the status quo and the existing risk profile?
Down the line