Computer Science MCQs


8. (A) Write only True or False in the Answer Book. Do not reproduce the questions.

(1) Detecting and recovering errors in data communication is called flow control.
(2) Shareware softwares are used to share data between two computers.
(3) Computer programs that are used to detect and remove viruses from the computer system are called anti-virus programs.
(4) The processor directive “include” is used to define a constant quantity.
(5) Incremental backup means the entire backup of the data from the hard disk of the computer.
(6) Wide Area Networks are limited to one office building.
(7) Secondary storage is another name for RAM.
(8) LPT2 represents the second parallel port.
(9) A Spool Folder is a temporary storage areas of print jobs.
(10) A Webmaster is a person who maintains the website of an organization.

(B) Give short answers to the following questions.

(11) What is Fast Ethernet?
(12) How do you add a workstation to the domain?
(13) What is the draw back of Array implementation of Collection?
(14) Briefly write the procedure for Binary Search.
(15) Conceptually what happens in a DBMS?
(16) Briefly describe ROM – BIOS.
(17) How do you define PORTS? Name different types of ports.
(18) What is Password? Where and how will you use it?
(19) How do viruses infect PCs?
(20) Briefly describe Data Transmission Modes