8th Grade PEC 2013 Model Papers

Forty (40) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are given in this
part. Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks. Mark correct option on
computerized answer sheet.
Q. No.1.  The Sea bad not evenly deep, having bones, depth not more than 3 kilometres is
called:-(a)  Continental shelf      (b)  Continental slope
(c)   Oceanic floor        (d)   Sea trench
Q. No.2.  Who was given the  title of “Ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity”:-(a)   Sir Syed Ahamd Khan    (b)   Allama Iqbal
(c)   Liaqat Ali Khan       (d)   Quaid-e-Azam
Q. No.3.  Total climatic regions are:-
(a) Four    (b) Five    (c) Six    (d) Seven
Q. No.4.  To appoint the General Secretary of UNO and to select non-permanent members of
security council is the function of:-(a)  Economic and Social Council    (b)  Trusteeship Council
(c)   General Assembly      (d)  Security Council
Q. No.5.  Powers were transferred to Muslims of Pakistan by:-(a)   Lord Wavell         (b)   Lord Mount Batton
(c)   Quaid-e-Azam       (d)  Pathic Lawrence
Q. No.6.  The Indian Ocean lies to the:-(a)   South of Asia        (b)   South of America
c)   South of Africa      (d)   South of Canada
Q. No.7.  Food and Education is responsibility of:-(a)  Secretary General      (b)   General Assembly
(c)   Security Council      (d)   UNICEF
Q. No.8.  The major cause behind the partition of Bengal was:-(a) Societal    (b) Political    (c) Financial    (d) Administrative
Q. No.9.  Sukkur, Larkana and Nawab Shah are the thickly populated Districts of :-(a) Punjab    (b) Sindh     (c) Baluchistan  (d) NWFP
Q. No.10.  Pakistan also purchases her defence material from:-(a)  Saudi Arab  (b) Germany    (c) Iran  (d) Iraq
Q. No.11.  All groups of words are related with oceans EXCEPT:-(a) Trade, food, Rains        (b) Control pollution, trade, short routes
(c) Roads, sea ways, airways      (d) Pearls, Minerals, Recreation
Q. No.12.  The important things for Muslim in Lucknow pact were :-(a)   Principal of separate Electorate and Recognition of Muslim League
(b)   Principal of separate homeland and recognitions of job
(c)   Principal of separate province and recognition of area
(d)   Principal of separate Govt. and recognition of province
Q. No.13.  Features of cottage industry are:-(a)   Skilled labour, factory, production of sugar   
(b)   A huge factory, many departments, high profile things
(c)   Many worker, skilled labour, goods of daily use
(d)   Personal skill, personal labour, goods of daily use.
Q. No.14.  List of words belonging to solar system is:-(a)   Sun, Heat and life       (b)   Sun, Earth and planets
(c)   Sun, Rays and Heat      (d)   Sun, rays and light
Q. No.15.  Stock rearing is done for the production of:-(a)   Horses, sheep, lions      (b)  Monkeys, tigers, donkeys
(c)   Monkeys, sheep, goats    (d)   Goats, sheep, buffaloes
Q. No.16.  List of oceans is:-(a)   Asian Ocean, Mediteranian Ocean, Sindh Ocean
(b)   Antarctic Ocean, Australian ocean, European Ocean
(c)   Arctic Ocean, Chenab Ocean, Pacific Ocean
(d)  Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Antarctic Ocean
Q. No.17.  List pertaining to monsoon regions is:-(a)   0-5
North and South latitudes, European Russia, Heavy rains  
(b)   5-30
North and South latitudes, India, Heavy rains
(c)   30-45
North and South latitudes, Malaysia, low rains
(d)   30-45
North and south latitudes, China, Moderate rains
Q. No.18.  All the words indicating heavy Industries are:-(a)  Railway Engine, Cars and Motor cycles 
(b)   Electric machines, scoter and cycle
(c)   Railway Engine, Electric machines and Aeroplane
(d)   Scoter, Buses and Truck
Q. No.19.  Necessary factors for increasing foreign trade are:-(a)   Improved parks, transportation and manpower
(b)   Improved parks, transportation and balance of payments
(c)   Improved return of funds, loans and machinery
(d)   Improved provision of basic need, infrastructure and power resources
Q. No.20.  The words related with Marcopolo are:-(a) Pilot, cricketer, Beijing      (b)  Son of businessman, Venus, Advisor
(c) Trader, sportsman, musician    (d)  Traveller, footballer, Venus
Q. No.21.  Countries of Mediterranean region are:-(a)   Portugal, Southern Spain, Italy  (b)   Egypt, Libya, Moroco
(c)   Italy, Libya, Moroco      (d)   Africa, Nigeria, Sudan
Q. No.22.  List of facts representing Muhammadan Educational conference is: - 
(a)   1904, Secure political rights, promotion of Muslim films  
(b)   1905, Un-secure political rights, promotion of Muslim culture
(c)   1906, safe guard to political rights, promotion of interests of Muslims
(d)   1907, safe guard to social rights, safety of colonies of Muslims
Q. No.23.  The correct list of places Ibne-Batuta visited and the people with whom he met is:
(a)   Iran and Iraq, Muhammad Tughlaq, Uzbekistan
(b)   North and South America, Muhmood Ghori, Uzbekistan
(c)   Sri Lanka and Bengal, Bahadar Shah Zafar, Uzbekistan
(d)   Syria and Egypt, Jalal-ud-Din, Uzbekistan
Q. No.24.  List showing the facts of Shamla (Simla) Pact is: -(a)   1940 A.V. Alexander, member of Committee
(b)   1942, Sir Stafford Crips, chairman of committee
(c)   1943, Lord Pathic Lawrence, Chief
(d)   1945, Lord Vevel, Viceroy
Q. No.25.  List pertaining to Pakistan resolution is: -(a)   February 1940, Minto Park, Lahore, Allama Iqbal
(b)   March 1940, Iqbal Park, Lahore, Quaid-e-Azam
(c)   April 1940, Race Course, Lahore, Liaqat Ali Khan
(d)  May 1940, Ghulshan Park, Rawalpindi, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
Q. No.26.  List of areas suggested by Dr. Allam Iqbal to be combined in one state are: -(a) NWFP, Pothwar, Sindh, Baluchistan  (b) NWFP, Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan
(c) NWFP, Thar, FATA, Punjab    (d) Thar, FATA, Cholistan, Sindh
Q. No.27.  List pertaining to Columbus is: -(a)   Discovered new world and made three trips, visited Atlantic Ocean
(b)   Discovered new Zeeland and made four trips, visited Mediterranean Ocean
(c)   Discovered new Era and made five trips, visited Indian Ocean
(d)   Discovered new boat and made six trips, visited Red Sea
Q. No.28.  Roles of UNO to bring peace among nations of the world are: -(a)  Like threats, spread them, provide technical expertise
(b)   Raise voice, support it, provide funds for its organs
(c)   Took notice of voices, ban it, provide facilities
(d)   Took notice of threats, ban destructive weapons, provide arbitration
Q. No.29.  Computer helps us in: -(a)   Making World a Global Village, designing, fund raising
(b)   Designing, fund raising, parking
(c)   Parking, Making World a Global Village, washing
(d)   Making world a global village, designing, calculation
Q. No.30.  Solar eclipse are due to position of: -(a)   The earth between Sun and Moon and its inclination
(b)   Moon between Sun and Earth and Sunlight
(c)   Sun between Earth and Moon and Heat
(d)   Mars between moon and Earth and its orbit
Q. No.31.  List pertaining to Karachi is:-(a)   Capital city, River Jamuna, Lal Qila
(b)   Capital city, biggest populous city of the world, North Eastern part
(c)   Old capital, coast of Indian Ocean, Indus River    
(d)   Holy city, Arid Treeless plateau, Ancient trade route
Q. No.32.  Most of the Textile Industry is located in: -
(a)  Karachi, Gujrat, Sialkot      (b) Karachi, Faisalabad, Kamalia
(c)  Faisalabad, Chakwal, Sargodha    (d) Hafizabad, Nankana Sahib, Jhelum
Q. No.33.  Achievements of Abu-Rehan Albairruni are: -(a)   Kitab-ul-Hind, Advisor to Mehmood Ghaznavi, Mathematician
(b)   Mathematician, discovered America, prisoner of war
(c)   Wrote many books, travelled to China, Egypt
(d)   Geographer, prisoner of war, study habits
Q. No.34.  List of factors which caused the emergence of Pakistan is: -(a)   Britishers behaviour, Govt. jobs, more representation and blood banks
(b)   Sikhs behaviour, private jobs, no representation, parks
(c)   Hindus behaviour, important Govt. positions, less representation, religion
(d)   Christian behaviour, Govt. jobs, more representation, rivers problem
Q. No.35.  Importance of 1st October 1906 is due to:
(a) Lukhnow pact, Lukhnow    (b) Shimla deputation, Shimla
(c) Tashqand pact, tashqand    (d) Simon commission, India
Q. No.36.  Stock rearing is taken as a profession by the people due to: -(a)  Fertile land, high rains, forest  
(b)   Nature of soil, climatic conditions, scarcity of resources
(c)   Fertile soil, low rains, scarcity of minerals
(d)   Barren land, low temperature, roads
Q. No.37.  The oldest occupations of man are.
(a) Trade, agriculture      (b) Agriculture, industry
(c) Agriculture, mining    (d) Stock rearing, agriculture
Q. No.38.  Atomic Energy helps the Mankind in increasing: -(a)  The stock rearing, agriculture, industries, medical
(b)   The agriculture, industrial productions, medical, electricity production
(c)   The population, agriculture, medical, animals
(d)   The income, forests, tourism, birds
Q. No.39.  Trusteeship Council works for: -(a)   Supervision of the general progress of the area and improving the general
conditions of the people
(b)   Social Justice, improving standard of worker and their working conditions
(c)   Eradication of diseases, control of epidemics and encourage research
(d)   Increase in production of food, its distribution and adjustment of prices
Q. No.40.  United nations was established on
(a) October 24, 1945      (b) November 24, 1945
(c) December 24, 1945    (d) January 24, 1945

Subjective Part----40 marks
Q.41 three short questions
Q.42 three short questions
Q.43 three short questions
Q.44  three short questions