Q:Israel, Palestine, Jordan current scenario?
Q:Jallian wala Bagh ?
Q:Mathematician who participated in PK movement
Q:Members of Arab League?
Q:Mengna Carta?
Q:Methods to make black money white.
Q:MFN status, is it good or bad?
Q:Micro Financing
Q:Mir Jaffar , Mir Sadiq
Q:mobile user density of pak.
Q:Most controversial point in 18th amendment
Q:Name of OBL Operation
Norway day and night length
Q:Number of seats in NA,senate
Q:Ombudsman whether working properly or not?
Pakistan's nuclear programme?
Q:Preemption method?
Q:Prime duties of Policeman
Q:Proactive Policing?
Q:Rabi and Khareef.
Q:Reason of fire in Murree forest?
Q:Recent arbitration of
Q:Rescent visit of Angella Mercle
Q:Role of Turkey in current international scenario?
Q:Rowlatt Act 1919?
Q:Should we recognize
Israel or not.
Q:Status of women in
Strait of Florida
Strait of Malaca joins which two oceans?
Strait of Malacca.
Q:Trade surplus and Trade deficit?
Q:Transparency international report.
Q:Types of crimes in society
Q:War of independence leading Muslim Leady?
Q:Water Gate Scandle?
Q:what are Dry Ports?
Q:what are the areas of convergence and divergence of interests between us and the
Q:What are the major challenges to energy supply and what are its short term and long term strategies.
Q:What do you think about the governance of the present government?
Q:What has
pakistan got and lost in this regard? discussion of couple of minutes.
Q:what is AM and PM
Q:What is biometric technology
Q:What is currency devaluation?
Q:What is difference between Jurisprudence and Law
Q:What is Money Laundering?
Q:What is NATO?
Q:what is Propaganda?
Q:What is red channel and Green Channel?
Q:what is tabloid