important questions for FPSC interview

 Q: School system of Pakistan.
Q: SECP: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is an autonomous body whose purpose is to develop a modern and efficient corporate sector and a capital market based on sound regulatory principles, in order to foster economic growth and prosperity in
Q: Seismic zones of
Q: Should new provinces be formed?
Q: Should strength of Ladies be increased in NA ?
Q: Significance of 19th amendment
South China Sea dispute?
Q: Steps for reforms in Police
Strait of Hormuz Blockade
Q: Success of govt lafafa culture?
Q: Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi and shar shah suri. How ghaznavi better?
Taiwan Strait?
Q: Taliban current status in
Afghanistan, why US is negotiating?
Q: TAPI Details
Q: the tribal chiefs and politicians would try to influence you. what would u do?
Q: Transformer?
Q: UN , its purpose, formed , bodies?
Q: US Ambassador in
Q: Were the polices of Akbar e Azam good or bad?
Q: What are gains and losses to become a front line state?
Q: what are national interest? how are these projected
Q: what are reasons of disqualification of 28 lageslators?
Q: What are the reasons of internal brain drain.
Q: What can we do to stop American Dictation?
Q: what difference would u create?
Q: what do you think about BISP.
Q: What is amnesty international and its working?
Q: What is black economy.
Q: what is bonafied and malafied.
Q: What is climate change.
Q: What is community policing?
Q: What is current account?
Q: What is Defamation.
Q: what is Freelance Journalist.
Q: What is GDP growth rate?
Q: What is going on in
Q: what is Green Economy?
Q: What is HIV?
Q: What is Mayanmar Issue.
Q: what is money laundering.
Q: What is News of the world?
Q: What is NPT.
Q: what is
Occupy Wall street movement?
Q: what is PPRA?
Q: What is provincial autonomy?
Q: What is public interest and how policy is formed.?
Q: What is Qatar Situation?
Q: What is scoop
Q: What is sensationalisation?
Q: What is slander and Libel.
Q: What is START-I(1991) AND START-II(1993).
Q: What is strait of Hormuz and what is its importance.
Q: What is structure of Parliament.
Q: What is the process to select a senator?
Q: What is the purpose of World Economic Forum
Q: What steps are required for woman empowerment?
Q: What was
Lucknow pact, Nehru report and basic purpose of Nehru report?
Q: What was objective resolution?